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Purpose to Impact, 2-day Leadership Development Program in Boston
In a chaotic and uncertain world, leveraging purpose helps individuals find the clarity, focus and confidence to lead and empower others.
Are you bringing your full and most powerful self to work each day?

Join Nick Craig, author of the new book, Leading From Purpose, at our Purpose to Impact™ Program in Boston 18-19 October. In just two days, Nick will help you unlock your purpose—giving you the clarity, focus 
and confidence to act as well as lead impactful, high performing teams. Participants will:
  • Examine their leadership journey to discover their authentic self
  • Align their extrinsic and intrinsic motivators
  • Discover and articulate their unique leadership purpose
  • Create a tangible and actionable Purpose to Impact™ plan
  • Connect with a network of peers to support the journey
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phone: (978) 772-4827
Offer Valid: June 27, 2018August 31, 2018
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